Stump removal and grinding

What is it?

 When you fell a tree, there are three things you can do with the stump: leave it in the ground to regenerate, remove it completely along with the root ball of the tree, or grind it into small pieces and cover it with dirt and dust until it decays.

Stump removal is a challenging process due to the often deep-rooted nature of the root ball, which is generally four to 10 times the size of the tree. However, once it’s done, all traces of the tree are gone.

Stump grinding takes less time to perform, and doesn’t create a hole in the ground, but will leave a portion that must be left to rot.

 How can Tall Oaks help?

Not only can we advise on the best stump-removal method for your site and your business, but we can perform this as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If complete removal is selected, we will work carefully and precisely to leave as small and discreet a hole as we can. And if stump grinding is chosen, we’re able to use the small pieces as a ground cover or mulch.

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