What is it?

Arguably one of our most important services is deadwooding: removing the branches or limbs of a tree that have died.

There are many reasons dead wood should be cut from the tree, including:

  • Maintaining health and safety for everyone
    Dead branches and limbs can break or fall off, especially during periods of high winds and storms. This can pose a risk to people walking underneath, to wildlife, and to the health of the tree, too – because rot can set in and spread to otherwise-unaffected areas.
  • Saving the tree’s life
    If deadwood is left unattended, it attracts pests and diseases, which are harmful to the tree and environment around it.
  • Retaining the tree’s appearance
    As you can imagine, dead wood is not attractive. It can also reduce the amount of light passing through the branches.

How can Tall Oaks help?

We are fully qualified and insured to get rid of dead wood, swiftly and carefully to guarantee only the limbs that need to be removed are taken away.

Our expert staff are both NPTC and Lantra qualified, and all our work is carried out under the guidelines of BS 2998:2010 “Tree work – recommendations”

So you can protect your workforce or family, with complete peace of mind that we’re protecting your trees and our team.

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