What is it?

There are many groundworks options that may be required or desired by your business. This includes:

Grease-trap installation
If you work in the hospitality industry, or are otherwise responsible for a commercial kitchen, you’ll need a grease trap to prevent fats, oils and greases (FOGs) discharging into your main drainage system. In fact, it’s a legal requirement that you have one – and that it’s emptied regularly.

Septic-tank installation
Septic tanks are used to treat waste water from your property, and are generally not connected to the public waste-water system. The size of septic tank you need will depend on how many people your business is serving, and the type and frequency of activity you facilitate.

You’ll be responsible for ensuring your tank’s maintenance, access-lid security, and that any drains to and from it are free-flowing and without any blockages.

Soakaway installation
If you’ve got a septic tank, you’ll need a soakaway to assist in removing its waste safely. This system comprises a hole in the ground, filled with rubble and coarse stones. It allows surface water that would otherwise begin to pool to soak back into the earth.

How can Tall Oaks help?

We operate quickly, carefully and thoroughly to make sure that these important systems are installed correctly – helping you to maintain regulatory compliance, and eliminating the risk of costly and challenging issues that can occur down the line.

Our solutions are practical yet affordable, so you stay profitable while receiving the service you require. And, of course, we’re fully trained, qualified and insured to perform all the necessary work.

Grease-trap installation
We can install grease traps in even the most complex drainage systems. So, no matter how your kitchen works, your grease trap will work too.

Septic-tank installation
We can advise you throughout the installation process to make sure you select the best size of tank for your business and your needs, and that it’s installed in the most logical place.

Soakaway installation
We’re able to install soakaways as a stand-alone method of wastewater control, or as part of your septic-tank system. It goes without saying that we’ll advise on the optimum solution for your business, so you don’t waste any time or money on options that are surplus to your needs.

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