Forestry mulching

What is it?

Forestry mulching is the method you’ll need for clearing land of vegetation, whether that’s trees, long grass or other plant debris.

A forestry mulching machine – also known as a forestry mulcher, masticator or brushcutter – uses a rotary drum with “teeth” to shred plant matter.

As well as clearing sites for building or other work, there are many environmental benefits to mulching, including:

  • Food production
    Mulchers and mowers can remove invasive species so that grasses and other food sources can grow.
  • Providing access to water
    Sometimes, water sources can become blocked by tree and understory growth. Mulching can restore this access.
  • Creation of shelter and space
    Mulching can also remove underbrush, which prevents the growth of grasses that some wildlife needs for shelter, shade, breeding and protection from the elements.

How can Tall Oaks help?

We have the most advanced mulching equipment and use innovative techniques to remove the matter you don’t want, while retaining the vegetation you do want.

This means you can enhance your environment without sacrificing its natural beauty.